Player Profiles.

Dwyane Wade

Team- Miami Heat   Born- 17th Jan 1982

Height- 6,4                 Weight- 99.8 kg

PPG-26.1                     College- Marquette

RPG- 4.6                      Years Pro- 6

APG- 6.4                      EFF- +24.07

Dwanye wade is an incredible young player

and an asset to Miami Heat.  Dwyane wade is now

sweeping the nation with his game winning buzzer-beaters

and his incredible fade aways. Dwanye wade won

his first ever nba championship in the year of 2006.

Dwyane Wade is an incredible athlete and a 6th time

allstar. Dwyane shows his strength and focus showing

us he is a player to be remembered for his great mentality.

Kobe Bryant

Team- Los Angeles Lakers   Born- Aug 23, 1978

Height- 6,6        Weight- 93kg

PPG- 27.7           College- Lower Merion HS (PA)

RPG- 5.30           years pro- 13

APG- 4.7             EFF- +23.57

Kobe Bryant is an amazing player and great

to have in Los Angeles Lakers also the NBA.

He is making history with his accuracy in shooting

and his monster slam dunks. Kobe Bryant is a

great athlete an also a great competitor. He is

one of the best players in NBA today and is not

going down. Kobe is part of a great team with Derek

Fisher and Lamar Odom. Kobe will be remebered

theres no doubt about it.

LeBron James

Team- Cleveland Cavaliers       Born- 30 Dec 1984

Height- 6,8                                   Weight- 113.4kg

PPG- 30                                          High School- St. Vincent-St. Mary HS (OH)

RPG- 7.10                                       Years Pro- 6

APG- 8.5                                          EFF- +32.43

LeBron James, what a player! He is just magic

to watch with his massive dunks and his strength

on the court. LeBron just glides across the court while

his competitors watch he is growing up to be some

basketball player. LeBrons role model is michael Jordan

thats why he chose number 23.  Lately he has been

saying that he wants to change his number back to

6 as he thinks that number 23 should be retired.

LeBron still has a couple of years to show us all what a great player he is.


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